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Cashmere shawl : double rib scarf for women and men

The wonderful cashmere scarf »EvanW2020« is the ideal complement to all our hats and caps.
It is wonderfully soft and light while being very warming. The measurements are ideal. The scarf is long and wide enough so that it can be styled in many ways without being bulky. The double rib knit guarantees shape retention and durability.
The scarf is knitted from high quality Italian 100% cashmere yarn.

Both women and men can wear this scarf.

The scarf »EvanW2020« is available in three different colors:
sand, gray and black.

You can hand wash the scarf with wool detergent.


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Product description:
Shawl made from 100% cashmere

Material: 100% cashmere
Dimension: length 190 cm, width 20 cm
Abailable colours:  sand, grey, black

Made in Germany

Price: € 170,00 incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs.
Within Germany we will cover the shipping costs for you.
Within the EU plus € 15.00 shipping costs.

The purchase through our online-store is currently limited to Germany and countries of the EU. If you want to order from a country outside the EU please contact us by email.