Knitted hat »Shona«: hand knitted hat for women

The knitted hat "Shona" can be styled in many different ways thanks to its special design: sometimes sporty, sometimes as a turban cap.

We knit this hat from a fine baby alpaca wool, which is cuddly and soft on the skin.

Thanks to its special fibre structure, alpaca wool has many special properties: it stores heat, repels moisture and dirt and is impermeable to UV rays. At the same time, it is 3 times more tear-resistant than sheep's wool, does not mat and feels particularly soft and light.

Here you can find out more about what makes this special wool so special.

All our caps are designed by us and are hand-knitted in Germany.

You can learn more about our knitting art here.

We would be pleased to manufacture this model according to your wishes.

Give us a call! We ship our hats and caps worldwide!

The knitted hat "Shona" is available in many different colours and surely also in the colour you want!