Knitted hat made from baby-alpaca »Felicitas«

Sweet handknitted hat »Felicitas» made from baby alpaca wool.

We knit this hat with a very fine baby-alpaca wool, which feels soft and cuddly on your skin.

For, thanks to the special structure of its fibres, the camel wool from the Andes has many unique characteristics: its retains warmth, is moisture and dirt repellent and blocks ultraviolet rays. It is also three-times stronger than sheep’s wool, does not become matted and feels especially soft and light.

Here you will learn more about this special wool.

Furthermore we designed this hat for you that it will covers your ear thoroughly.

We design and produce all our hats and knitted hats in our studio in Munich, Germany.

Here you learn more about our knitting skills.

The model »Felicitas« we still have in stock in the following colors:

beige, raspberry, quartz, sage, black, silver, white.

Sophie wears the color quartz.

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Now on sale for € 133,00!

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