Over and over again, a 100 year-old straw-hat sewing machine has been the key to finding new shapes for Nicki Marquardt’s hat collections and couture designs. Her atelier is one of the few in Germany where such a traditional machine is used for straw braids. Extraordinary creations made of straw, Crin and furfelt emerge from the dialogue between the designer, the material and the machine.

Nicki Marquardt - Strohhut
The base for straw hats is formed by a braid made from rice straw with a strength of only 4 mm. The shape of the hat is developed while it is sewn, without cuts or templates. Extensive knowledge of materials, exceptional craft skills, vast experience and a passion for experimenting help to create new shapes from the living material, interpreting the classic straw hat in numerous ways: from extravagant creations for special occasions to everyday headdress.

Most of Nicki Marquardts caps made from high-quality furfelt are made hand-held, i.e. without wooden moulds. The “hand-held ironing” and “forming” techniques enable a playful use of materials: folding, knotting, compressing and stretching to interpret classic shapes and to invent new ones. Current trend: re-interpreting classic hat shapes such as the Chasseur, the Trilby or the Bowler hat.

 Nicki Marquardt - Laila

Narrow strips made of furfelt form the basis for these special felt hats. Nicki Marquardt has transposed the manufacturing methods from straw hats to felt. The shape is created during sewing, without cuts and templates. This results in hat creations with a novel appearance, in a large variety of different shapes and with excellent form stability.


 Nicki Marquardt - Disc

In recent years a trend towards a new look has emerged: the “Fascinator”. This delicate creation made of feathers, Crin and pearls increasingly tends to replace the classic “large hat” for festive occasions such as weddings, cocktail parties or evening parties. The silhouette of Fascinators are often new or unusual. The materials are either arranged on a hand-covered Alice band or they are attached to the hair using a comb or a slide. This creates cheeky, playful and avant-garde headdress in a large variety of shapes.


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