Nicki Marquardt


Milliner Nicki Marquardt has been designing and manufacturing headdress for women and men for over 19 years. When Nicki Marquardt founded her brand in Munich in 1996, her headdress creations quickly became an insiders’ tip. Today, the popular designer creates two prêt-à-porter collections each year which she presents on important accessory fairs in spring and autumn, such as the Première Classe Tuileries in Paris. Her collections are sold in more than 100 selected galleries, fashion stores and concept stores all over the world: in Tokyo, New York, Paris and London, to name but a few.

Nicki Marquardt’s prêt-à-porter collections and haute-couture models are ideas which have taken shape, impressing with their unconventional use of form and a careful selection of materials. Signature style as well as shapes and expressions play with classic headdress interpretations and reflect sculptural avant-garde. At her atelier in Munich, modern hats are created which adapt to the life of their respective wearer.

Apart from her own collections, Nicki Marquardt also manufactures exclusive collections for international fashion companies. The traditional firm Roeckl and the fashion store Loden-Frey count among her customers.

The creativity and craft skills of Nicki Marquardt are also in demand beyond the classic fashion scene. Her creations can be seen at international trade fairs and top-flight events as well as in films, commercials and on stage.

The artistic work of Nicki Marquardt is driven by an unrestrained exploration of forms and materials which are pushed to their limits, the use of craft skills and the balancing act between craft and art. She has received many awards, including the Bavarian “Kunstförderpreis” (Award for the Promotion of Art) in 2008. Nicki Marquardt is regularly invited to national and international exhibitions. Most recently, her hats were shown at the „The Art of Contemporary Millinery“ exhibition at the Menier Gallery in London in 2009.


Hut-Laden in München _ Nicki Marquardt

Türkenstraße 78


Nicki Marquardt’s store is located in Türkenstraße, an area rich with tradition in the centre of the “Akademieviertel” in München, surrounded by art and science, student life and the chic of the borough of Schwabing. This is where Nicki Marquardt sells her current collection and haute-couture models: headdress and hats, caps and headpieces.
Hut-Laden in München

Atelier und Werkstatt


The atelier and workshop are on the same level, directly adjacent to the shop. This is where Nicki Marquardt and her team design and manufacture her creations, all of them are handmade and of the highest manufacturing quality.

Nicki Marquardt München | Türkenstraße 78 | 80799 München | T +49 (0)89 28 80 80 01 |