Our latest men's hats for spring & summer 2021

To adorn oneself means strength and pride - beautiful to see in the elaborate details of traditional costumes in South America or the Slavic countries. The vastness of the deserts, grasslands and forests combined with the understanding of one's own nature and individuality are inseparably linked with the artistic craftsmanship here. We have captured this feeling of deep rootedness in our new winter collection.

We celebrate originality and new connections in the truest sense of the word: Classic hat shapes and the most precious materials such as fur felt or cashmere meet elaborate embroidery and interweaving. Inspired by the craftsmanship from Peru to Hungary, combined and developed into contemporary, unique looks.

Elaborate details tell stories from faraway lands and at the same time speak a consistently modern language - for example the new expressive gaucho hats and fedoras in classic colours from navy to cherry red. Meanwhile, this year our luxurious knitted hats are as clear as the winter sky. Made of feather-light cashmere and in neutral colours such as ivory, silver, coal and grey, they can be perfectly combined and are gentle and warm, whether in the plains or on the road.