Our collapsible hat collection: the ‘Foldables’

You love hats but are often travelling. You would wear a hat much more often if you could pack it easily and take it wherever you go. Or are you heading off south on your next trip and would simply like a hat for your travels that you can fit flat in your case, take out again undamaged and place on your head?

We have the answer: the perfect travel hat for the suitcase or for a bag – our ‘Foldables’. Choose from more than 30 different models of foldable hat for women and men. We have a wide variety of styles, suitable for every occasion and outfit.

Our innovative ‘Foldables’ collection received the renowned Red Dot Design Award in 2012 and was nominated for the German Design Award in 2014. Not surprisingly – as wearing a hat has never been so uncomplicated and stylish than with our ‘Foldables’.

Foldable hats for summer and winter

We have the right packable hat for every temperature and every outfit. Our ‘Pack Its’ made of straw or toyo paper are the perfect hats for travelling. They can be packed flat in a suitcase and, thanks to their accordian-like structure, can be modelled on the head in a wide variety of ways.

Our ‘Clutch Hats’ are available as foldable hats both for the summer and the winter. And their name is no coincidence: when folded, they are as compact as a clutch bag and open up into fedoras or cowboy hats.

Our ‘Rollables’ fit snugly into a handbag and unroll into a cloche. There are rollable hats for the summer and the winter. Summer ‘Rollables’ are made of abaca; winter rollable hats are of exquisite rabbit fur felt.

Flexibility and the ability to shape them to create different styles are unique characteristics of our whole foldable hat collection – from the classical fedora to the feminine cloche. All travel hats can be worn in an individual way and add a striking note to every outfit.