Men's hats for every season and for every type of person

A man's hat is a statement. For aesthetics and connoisseurship as well as for an independent style. Nicki Marquardt hats reflect all this. Our production is a large part of our identity as hatmakers - because every piece is handmade in our Munich studio and is the result of over 20 years of mastery.

Our heart beats for the traditional manufacturing techniques, which we continuously develop further, up to the creation of innovative crossovers to other trades. This is how we create quality you can see and feel: iconic hat shapes and avant-garde ideas meet perfect fit. And are always one step ahead of their time.

We manufacture men's hats for every occasion, from the most diverse hat materials and for every man's head, from head width 53 to 65 cm, for narrow and round head shapes.

Our materials are also hand-picked in the truest sense of the word. We use the finest milan straw from Italy, feather-light parabuntal, abacá from the Philippines, Japanese toyo paper, Portuguese rabbit hair felt, fine alpaca yarn or felt made of 100% cashmere.

From casual hats for summer and winter to foldables and custom-made hats for every day or special occasion: Nicki Marquardt hats stand for longevity and individuality. Thanks to our high-quality materials and precise design, a Nicki Marquardt hat is not a fast-moving fashion piece - but an icon to collect. Year by year it becomes even more beautiful and more and more an essential part of the wearer's wardrobe.