Hats for the stage, film, television and magazines

Time and again, Nicki Marquardt hats find themselves in the limelight on the stage and in film, in advertising and in fashion magazines, as well as at fairs and events. We have made a number of hats and caps, for example, for the popular ‘Rosamunde Pilcher’ ZDF television series; the actress Brigitte Hobmeier wears one of our creations in the film ‘Nichts als Gespenster’ and in the fantastic editorial ‘The Fun of Fashion’ by Christiane Arp and Nicola Knels for VOGUE Germany, Nicki Marquardt hats are the crowning glory.

Hats for the Passion Play in Oberammergau

We produced all the headpieces for the Passion Play in Oberammergau in 2000 for the costume designer Stefan Hageneier. The Passion Play in Oberammergau is a world-famous theatre production that is staged every ten years in Oberammergau in Upper Bavaria. The Passion of Christ is re-enacted by the residents of the village in a production that lasts several hours and is performed five times a week over a six-month period.

Since 1990, Christian Stückl has been the director of the Passion Play and, since 2000, Stefan Hageneier has been the costume and stage designer.

Hats for the Supreme Council

We made the elaborate and imposing hats for the membes of the Supreme Council. Each individual hat is unique and distinct. Modelled by hand, each one was individually covered with material and made to measure for the respective actor.

Headpieces for the Choir

Members of the choir wore cap-like headpieces to a futurist design. A prototype was made to Stefan Hageneier’s draft and, based on this, we then completed more than 100 headpieces for all singers in the choir.

Turbans and caps

For the more than 2000 participants in the Passion Play we made turbans, headscarves from banana leaves and special hats and headpieces for the static ‘Tableaux Vivants’ scenes. As the Play is performed on an open-air stage, five days a week over a period of several months, it was imperative for all the hats to be robust, easy for the actors to handle and hard-wearing for everyday use.

Hats produced for the stage, films and commercials

Huge cowboy hats for a commercial for the TRIVAGO travel portal and a waterproof straw hat for Mirco Nontschew in an advertisement for EXPEDIA are also part of our repertoire, as is the design and production of a showpiece for Osram’s trade fair stand and fashion accessories for the ‘Cartier, Cartier’ gala event.

Do you have a picture in your head of a very special hat for your next theatre or film production? Or are you looking for hats for a fashion editorial or a shoot? We can turn your ideas into reality – for us, nothing can be fanciful enough as we thrive on creative challenges. Just talk to us – we look forward to working together with you!