Atelier embrace Bespoke Couture Foldables

Our latest couture creations: elegant hats and luxurious headdresses, each model a unique piece made by hand.

We love the high art of hat couture and live it: in our studio, boundless creativity meets masterful craftsmanship. Every single hat creation, every fascinator and every headdress becomes an inimitable one-off in our hands.
Each of our pieces, be it a hat or a headpiece, is a unique masterpiece of the highest quality in material, technique and design.
By using innovative manufacturing techniques and creative shaping, we create true marvels of fashion.
Sculptural shapes seem to float, while fine materials blend harmoniously together - and dreams take shape.

Discover your individual style with couture hats from us - sometimes bold and avant-garde, sometimes soft and dreamy, but always extraordinary and fascinating.