Felt hats for men

Never again without a hat in winter! With us you will find felt hats for men and winter hats fmade only from the best materials and of course exclusively handmade in our atelier.

Our casual men's hats are the best companions during the cold season. But not only then: felt hats can be worn all year round! Because hair felts are particularly soft and warming. At the same time, they adapt to the respective weather and temperature. Thanks to their breathable structure, you don't sweat, while at the same time the hair acts like a natural impregnation. This way, hats made of hair felt keep their shape even in rain and snow.

Discover our wide range of felt hats for men:
Fedora and trilby are the classics for men. Both hat shapes have the characteristic men's hat crown with the two indentations on the sides and its larger notch on the top. The only difference is the width of the brim. While the Fedora hat has a larger brim width of between 6 cm and a maximum of 9 cm, the brim of the Trilby is a maximum of 5 cm wide. Often the brims are turned up at the back. But this does not have to be the case. Other iconic felt hat styles for men are the porkpie hat, matelot hat, cowboy hat, bowler hat and of course the top hat.

We also design all these styles to measure - completely individually for you.