Our latest hat creations for fall/winter2022

Urban Garden

Flowering streets? Yes, everything is possible – if we follow our spirit of discovery and let ourselves be inspired by secret gardens and quiet roadside revolutions. As impetuous and beautiful as flowers bursting through the tarmac, as enchanting and unpretentious as a bunch of wild flowers from a corner of a park: this season our hats speak of spontaneity and originality. In delicate colours from rose red to lavender and made of sustainable natural materials, they are perfect companions in whatever green wilderness you like. And as botanical celebrations we have our blossoming fascinators and headbands, inspired by the extravagant elegance of orchids in bloom.

Couture Tracht

For us ‘Tracht’ – or traditional costume – is close to our hearts as our roots, in every aspect, are in Munich and closely tied to the city’s unique sense of pride. For 25 years we have been located in the central Maxvorstadt district; the designer herself is Munich born and bred. A matching headpiece is part and parcel of our ‘Tracht’. Embracing and enhancing tradition: with new interpretations of classical forms, ornamental headbands and more – ‘Tracht’ hats from Nicki Marquardt are contemporary accessoires made of the most elegant of materials, every detail testifying to our masterly artisanal skills.