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The Fascinator: unique headdress for your outstanding appearance handmade in our studio in Munich

Fascinators are British at heart,

but they have long enjoyed great popularity on elegant women's heads outside the islands. These special head accessories are now present everywhere, be it at weddings, the famous horse race at Ascot or festive events. No wonder - because this literally "fascinating" headdress transforms your styling into a unique look with ease and esprit.

But what exactly is a fascinator?

We are often asked this question. Unlike a classic lady's hat, a fascinator does not consist of a solid headpiece and brim. Instead, it is a free, artfully designed and arranged headdress that is securely fastened to the head with the help of combs and/or a hairband. A fascinator can be small and restrained or extravagant, expansive and imposing. Whether purist or baroque: its design should always perfectly complement, continue and crown the outfit of its wearer.

Handmade in our hat studio

We are proud to offer you exclusive fascinators, handmade hair accessories and headpieces of the highest quality. Each of our headpieces and accessories is carefully handcrafted by us in our studio in Munich, with special emphasis on high-quality materials and precise workmanship.

Fascinators: intention and effect

Our passion for creating these unique headpieces is reflected in every detail of our fascinators. We believe that a fascinator is not just a decorative accessory, but also makes a statement about your personal style and fashion sense. At their best, they are small works of art that reflect the personality and individuality of our customers.

Also, our fascinators are not just for special occasions, but can also enhance your everyday look. They are versatile and can be adapted depending on the occasion and outfit. Whether you are attending a wedding, a garden party or a social event, a fascinator from Nicki Marquardt Munich will add that special touch to your look.

Silhouettes & Materials

Our fascinators are available in a wide range of colours and shapes:
from dainty to sweeping, from purist to baroque, from monochrome to colourful. We design playful and avant-garde hair accessories from a variety of materials. The silhouettes of our fascinators are unique and innovative. Discover lace crowns and feather flower bouquets, top hats made of honeycomb tulle and spherical creations made of straw. The abundance of materials we use reflects the breadth of our creativity. We attach great importance to the quality of these materials, as in our eyes this is not least the key to long-lasting and luxurious headdress pieces. We use fine silk, gossamer veils, feather-light tulle, precious lace, the finest straw, real pearls, colourful feathers, sparkling Swarowski crystals, high-quality hair felt and much more. We use only the most precious materials for our exclusive headdresses and are also happy to cater to your individual wishes when it comes to design and workmanship.