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The Fascinator: unique headdress for your outstanding appearance handmade in our studio in Munich

Fascinators are, at heart, very English – but have long been extremely popular on the heads of elegant women outside the British Isles. They are to be seen everywhere: at weddings, at sporting events and on festive occasions. That’s hardly surprising as this headwearcan transform the wearer’s style with ease and panache into something unique.

We are often asked: what exactly is a fascinator? Other than with a classic hat, a headpiece does not comprise an upper section and a brim. It is an artistically created open composition that is held in place by combs or a band.

It is often only a small headdress, but it can also be expansive and imposing.

Exclusive handmade hair ornaments and headpieces by Nicki Marquardt München

Fascinators from Nicki Marquardt are available in a wide range of shapes and colours: dainty or flamboyant, puristic or baroque, monochrome or colourful.

We design headwear from the whimsical to the avant-garde made of the most varied materials. Our fascinators’ silhouettes are unconventional and innovative. Take a look at our laced crowns and feathered floral bouquets, little top hats made of honeycomb tulle and spherical straw objects. The number of different materials we use reflects the breadth of our creativity. Delight in our sophisticated silks, gossamer veils, featherweight tulle, exquisite lace, the finest straw, genuine pearls, magnificent colourful feathers, sparkling Swarowski crystals, high-end felt and much more. We use only the very best materials and are happy to incorporate your individual wishes in the design and work process.