Hat production for theatre and film

Nicki Marquardt hats can be seen again and again in theatre as well as in film.

A very special project was the production of the headgear for the Passion Play 2000 in Oberammergau.

For the costume designer Stefan Hageneier we produced all headgear for the Passion Plays in Oberammergau in 2000. The Oberammergau Passion Plays are a world-class theatrical event that is performed every 10 years in the Bavarian town of Oberammergau. The Passion of Christ is presented by the inhabitants of the village in a production lasting several hours and is performed several times a week for six months.
Since 1990, director Christian Stückl has staged the Passion every 10 years. Since 2000 the costume and stage designer Stefan Hageneier has been designing the stage and costume design for it.

Hat production for the high council

We realized elaborately covered, imposing hats for the high council. Every single hat was unique and original. These hats were modelled in the hand, individually covered with fabric and tailored to the respective performer.

Hats for the choir

The choir wore caps in a futuristic design. Based on the designs of Stefan Hageneier, we made a prototype, after which over 100 caps for all members of the choir were custom made by us.

Turbans and caps

For the more than 2000 participants we also made turbans, headscarves made of banana leaves and special hats and headgear for the living pictures.
Since the performance takes place outdoors and on 5 days a week for several months, it was necessary to make all hats particularly resistant and easy for the actors to handle and insensitive in use.

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