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Festive and elegant hats for ladies and gentlemen

Not only a small headdress can decorate you on the next special occasion.

Festive and elegant hats add the finishing touch to your special outfit. Find the right hat for the horse race in Ascot or for your next garden party. These extraordinary and extravagant ladies' hats will crown you on every special occasion.

A wide-brimmed, elegant and festive hat is an equally attractive option for a perfect occasion hat. It will make your appearance unforgettable - whether as a guest at a wedding, a stylish party or in Ascot, the famous horse race of the Queen.

If the festive hat is wide brimmed and sweeping - this shape is called a wagon wheel. But of course sporty hats, for example men's hat shapes like Fedora and Trilby Hut, can also be transformed into festive ladies' hats. Feminine hat shapes such as the bell hat or a 20's hat in cloche style are just as suitable and quickly become the completion of your outfit.

Think big! Make a statement with an expansive, spectacular hat!