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Couture Hats for traditional garment

In the world of couture everything goes – as long as it is masterfully made by hand and is unique and unforgettable. True to this credo avantgarde headwear is manufactured in Nicki Marquardt’s Munich atelier that turns heads. Every hat and every headpiece is unique and of the highest quality as regards material, technique and look.

This is shown in a particularly eclectic way in Nicki Marquardt’s ‘Tracht’ couture. The fusion of Munich tradition, creative daring and masterly artisanal skill produces items of an utterly innovative visuality.

From feathers and cords, Milan straw and Melusine fur felt to ribbons, pearls and veils: Nicki Marquardt uses exquisite materials and elaborate manufacturing techniques for her ‘Tracht’ couture, combined with a visionary twist and a creative innovative spirit. In this way she re-interprets typical headpieces such as the sugar loaf hat, the floral bouquet and the ‘Münchner Riegelhaube’ cap and creates expressive silhouettes, subtle details and glamorous looks that extend well beyond the realm of traditional costume.