Nicki Marquardt Atelier

Porkpie hat: felt hat made from 100% cashmere

This hat means luxury for your head!

The Porkpie hat W2019Logan is made from 100% Portuguese cashmere felt for men and women!

Our collection winter for 2019 was inspired by the Scottish Highlands. This classic porkpie hat is handblocked. The trimming shows an elaborate ornamental hand embroidery.The sturdy material is suited for every weather - may it be rain or snow. The fur felt will keep your hat dry and comfortably warm.

Nicki Marquardt Porkpie hat W2019Logan is available iin black, charcoal, rust and mustard colour. 

We gladly produce this model in your head size and the colour you like!

Just give us a call or oder by email. We ship worldwide!